Development history

2021 —— Optimize the supply chain to make products more reliable

2018 —— Deeply expand overseas markets, 5millions ends per month.

2015 —— Hold controlling interest of KYONG WON INDUSTRY CO., LTD Korea

2013 —— Deeply and optimally customize raw material for harness, extend the life time more than 20%.

2012 —— Use Quality Managements System, 3.5 millions ends per month.

2011 —— Successfully made the harness testing machine.

2010 —— Move to DEQING Changed the name to KD Textile Machinery Co., Ltd

2009 —— Start VI system. registered KD logo and started to promote the KD personalized harness.

2008 —— Succeed to make harness for the water-jet loom.

2004 —— Established TD Textile Machinery Co., Ltd